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Our mission

The Belgian Reproducibility* Network is a cross-disciplinary, peer-led network of researchers, aiming to promote and support rigorous, reproducible research practices in Belgium, by …

… supporting and advising researchers with regards to their questions and needs concerning questions of replicability, transparency and accessibility;

… collecting and sharing materials and information across institutions and disciplines;

… supporting existing and the creation of new training activities related to reproducible research practices;

… engaging in dialogue and collaboration with research institutions, funding bodies, academies and other scientific organisations and stakeholders, aimed at promoting reproducibility;

… learning from and with other RNs, as part of the international network of RNs.

The Reproducibility Network can take up future missions and actions pertaining to reproducibility in Belgium, according to the dynamics of science and the cross-disciplinary nature of the Network.

* “Reproducibility” is used as an umbrella term, encompassing also concepts like replicability, robustness, transparency, open science research practices and responsible research practices in general.